Wallington Park is a busy and vibrant equestrian facility.  We cater to all riding needs, from beginner children and adults to more advanced competitors. Wallington Park is also an agistment facility with stabled horses and horses in paddocks. Our property can have up to 100 horses at any time and our after school and Saturday riding programs are busy and fun. We also have working pupils who live on site  and work here full time along side our instructors, maintenance crew and Dirk Dijkstra. We are always welcoming volunteers to help lend a hand.

Being a volunteer on a regular basis can be extremely rewarding and educational. It is a great way to spend time with horses and pick up new skills and friendships. Our volunteers work under our working pupils and cover a wide variety of horse duties such as feed out, grooming, pre paring horses for riding, stable cleaning, leading horses to yards and stable and paddock maintenance.  For more information please call 52501788 and complete the Volunteer form.