All Paddocks are tree lined and double fenced

Agistment ranges from stables and paddocks through to private, double and shared paddocks. All paddocks are double fenced, electrified and tree lined. Agistment prices include full use of all the extensive facilities. The prices are as follows:

Shared Paddock (geldings)
Shared Paddocks (mares + hay 3 times per week
Double Yards (2 horses only)
Private Yards (1 horse only)
Stable + Private Yard
Full Livery

Stable and Yard including daily cleaning, taking in and out of horse, rugs, fly masks,
twice daily hay and hard feeds and bedding.

Washing Per Load
Bringing In/Put of Horse for Appointment
Casual Feed Out
Sawdust (per wheel barrow)
Regular am or pm feed out
Regular am and pm feed out
Paddock Clean (one trailer load)
Casual Stable Clean + Taking Out of Horse

Agistment Agreement

Download Agistment Agreement
Download Duty Of Disclosure

The agistment agreement and duty of disclosure must be completed prior to bringing your horse onto the property.

Either email the completed form to or fax to 5250 1421.